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ARTICLES » 2019-02-22

Ethical Code and Principles of Conduct

Seventy-four years have passed and our principles and values ​​continue to be valid in this world of constant change. The dynamism and rapid evolution of the industry entail important challenges that we constantly face with an ability to adapt to the needs of the environment.

The reputation of prestige and quality that we have been building since the origin of our Group responds to a collective and daily work that we must take care of each and every one of the people that are part of it. The good running of the organization depends on our commitment and individual responsibility with these principles and values.

Irestal Group has an important role to play: acting with integrity is more than protecting the image and reputation of our Group. The ethical code and the principles of conduct are the basis of our unwavering commitment to integrity, compliance with the law and the development of ethical conduct.

This means acting honestly and treating each of us, customers, shareholders and suppliers fairly and with dignity. Our duty is to attend and continually strengthen all stakeholders with absolute transparency.

We are proud to work with professionals who are so dedicated and committed to carrying out their work ethically. Being at this great level is part of our mission.

It is our commitment to those of us who work at Irestal Group to give life to this document through its application and always in compliance with the laws, leading our actions to the essence of this Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Joaquim Boixareu
Chief Executive Officer

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